First Time Payment

After you have completed the application and uploaded all required documents, you may review and submit your application. You will then receive an on-screen confirmation that your application has been submitted. Payment of $1,250 must be made by check and mailed to us at the address below. 

Renewal Payment

All of the information submitted into your final application carries over into renewals so you only need to update what has changed or address changes to the National Standards themselves. Yearly accreditation renewal is $1,000.

When you apply for renewal, you can login with the same email address and password used to complete your original application. You can also reset your password if needed within the application page. Renewal applications and payments must be received no less than 90 days before your accreditation expires. If accreditation lapses, the reinstatement application fee is $1,250.

To track when your accreditation expires, visit the Community Foundation Locator and find your organization on the map.

How To Pay

All payments (for first time applicants and renewals) must be made via check payable to:

Community Foundations National Standards Board
2121 Crystal Drive, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 703-879-0600

*At this time we are unable to accept online or credit card payments